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Brian Foster portrait in front of palmetto froms

Radiant Healing Energy

You have a vision of a bountiful life of vibrant health, caring relationships, creative expression, and communion with the sacred…. right!?!  Of course, challenges will arise to this vision. We are here to learn and grow and there are times we need some help. Brian, a master healer, is available to collaborate with and assist you to clear the distortions in your mind, body and emotion that hold you back from living your dream and enabling you to quickly return to your path of self-unfoldment. Transform challenges into awakening, empowerment, and freedom.

Achieve Optimum Health on All Levels

  • Reclaim personal empowerment

  • Unwind buried emotions

  • Trauma release

  • Clear attachments and psychic intrusions

  • Reintegrate splintered aspects of self

  • Past life integration

  • Ancestral healing

  • Create healthy and fulfilling relationships

  • Auric field restructuring

  • Personal growth and awakening

Bay Sunset


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