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“Brian’s strength, caring and gentleness as a hands-on healer flows from his core to invite, guide and carry your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to multiple levels of healing and cleansing”

– Dr. Sandra G. Landsman

“Brian Foster is a master of the art of healing through the human energy field.”

– Dick Bertram

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“Brian Foster is the best healer I have ever been to. He is a Master healer! I came to Brian very broken and I needed intense help from the psychological wounds left by sexual assaults in the past. I was also a victim of domestic abuse and suffered from tremendous PTSD. I was very nervous to go to Brian since he was a man. However, my fears were soon alleviated once I began working with him. He has great compassion, a tender heart, and is a very wise soul! He comes from a place of non-judgement and love. Brian has a great understanding of the human psyche and how old psychological wounds can create havoc in our present lives. Every session was a powerful journey.  Each session strong emotions came up and were released – sometimes within minutes. The most incredible insights became clear to me during the deep healing processes. I trusted him with my soul and I still do. I am grateful the universe guided me to Brian Foster. I am truly blessed to know this man!”

– Elisabeth S.

“Brian, it is a process, but I am very grateful for your help. Every time I meet with you, I learn and grow a little more.”

– Dr. Lisa, MD

“Brian Foster’s loving ability to connect to me emotionally and spiritually has helped me tremendously to uncovered hidden pain and trauma that they have kept me stuck in my life. Working together energetically with him and with some needed understanding and compassion has allowed me to connect with my higher self in order to start a healthier, grounded new beginning. Thanks, Brian for your wisdom and energy healing hands! I am so grateful for you being part of my happier path.”

– RJ

“Thank you, Brian. You are the real deal.  I’m sharing this in hopes to help anyone who has a desire to heal, understand and aid themselves in their life journey, of healing and awakening. Brian is an authentic, knowledgeable, respectful, patient, highly intuitive and trustworthy healer. I highly recommend Brian as an Energy Reader, Energy Healer and Spiritual Advisor.

– PH

“Hi Brian, I just wanted to keep you posted….. I woke up today and felt so good man. I feel like jumping with joy and screaming at the top of my lungs. Haha, I feel so free and ready to live the life of my dreams! This is such an amazing feeling – not carrying any burden. Thank you for everything that you and our friends in spirit have done for me. I’m forever grateful.”

– MK

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